Our Story

Kind greetings from Marvin & Wendy Bachert & family!

Our family is passionate about good food and we love sharing it with others. We have many favourite family recipes that have been passed down through generations from our European ancestors. In addition, we are three generations of butchers with over 50 years of experience and expertise in both farming and the meat industry. To put great food on your plate we need to start at the farm and manage the quality at every step of the way.

It was right here in Stratford, back in the early 60s that grandpa, Keith Bachert, a young and energetic farm boy from Zurich was hired by Delmar Smythe to work in the meat department of his Red and White grocery store on Downie street. The Bachert family will be forever grateful to Delmar Smythe for instilling the desire for quality meat into grandpa’s heart. Now, over 50 years later, that desire has flourished into a family passion for producing premium quality meat.

In 1965, Keith, along with his new bride, Janet Bender of Tavistock, purchased a farm and moved over to Huron country. By the early 70s, Keith’s love for quality meat enticed him and his wife Janet to start a small meat business on their farm near Walton, ON. They worked together with their six children, teaching them carefully how to properly care for livestock with healthy, traditional farming methods. The children also grew up helping and learning the many avenues and skills of the meat industry.

Over the years, the family farm and meat business, Bachert Meats Inc., has continued to grow and move through the family generations. Marvin, Wendy and their family were the second generation. Their oldest son Derick and his wife Kaitlynn, the third generation, are now operating the thriving family business.

It’s out of this food loving, hard working family heritage of farmers, butchers, chefs, and bakers that this all new, one of a kind, Wild Hog country market has been born in Stratford, ON. The Bachert family looks forward to the honour of serving you fresh, local food with a quality level that can only be produced by the Wild Hog promise!

Our promise is to ensure the quality of your family’s food by carefully monitoring every step of the process, from our farms to your family dinner table!

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